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Nibirutech: Twitbird

Salam Semua...

Ari da 4 Ramadhan.. Sekejap je masa berlalu kan... Ok la ari ni aku nak sharing pasal iPhone application.
Actually before this application wajib dlm iphone aku facebook la kan.. then aku mula mengaktifkan diri dengan twitter so download la twitter plak. Apa lagi da ada update la kan.. Tp xmenarik sangat la.. Then after that aku find out pasal Twitbird plak.. So check kat Store ada then download la kan...

Bile da download apa lagi.. belek2 then wow.... sangat menarik.. Skang da jarang update status kat twitter tapi kat twitbird.. But sadly ari ni tak leh nak update status.. Sebabnye iPhone charger wat hal.. Bateri lak da abis. Geram betul aku..So ari ni tak update la twitter aku..

Those yg ada iPhone and iPad tu aku recommend utk korang download this application.. Sangat berbaloi la.. Hehe.. Nak lebih faham korang baca la kt bawah ni eyh...
Disebabkan iPhone aku tak de bateri tak leh la aku nak snap pic twitbird aku.. So korg tgk je la yg ada kat atas tu.. :)


Twitbird is a super-fast Twitter client loaded with unique features that’s a joy to use on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It includes many of the cool features that you’ve seen separately in other Twitter clients but rarely together. From timeline to map search and four beautiful themes, Twitbird offers advanced Twitter functionality beyond your expectations. And with its logical and intuitive interface, our users love being able to use all of Twitbird’s capabilities right away.

Twitbird Features

★ Support for multiple accounts (up to 16 in the Pro version)
★ Landscape support throughout for quick tweeting
★ Save links for reading later with Instapaper or Readitlater, or within Twitbird
★ Tweet video, your voice, or what you’re listening to
★ Four gorgeous themes, including custom background image support
★ Inline photo previews
★ Built-in address book and support for Official Lists
★ Geotag your tweets to share your location
★ Support for multiple accounts (up to 16 in the Pro version)
★ Advanced nearby tweet searching with maps
★ Push capability to notify you of mentions and DM’s
★ Regular updates adding exciting new features at users’ request
Twitbird comes in three exciting flavors:
★ Twitbird Free: ad-supported, maximum of two accounts
★ Twitbird Premium: totally ad-free, maximum of two accounts
★ Twitbird Pro: totally ad-free, maximum of 16 accounts

Korang yg minat utk application ni leh la klik kat SINI

Selamat download dan menggunakan Twitbird.. Those yg ada twitter follow me. Search nanicounseling and follow me.. Say hi to me and I'll follow u back.. :)

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