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Will You Marry Me

Salam Semua...

Selamat tengah malam.. Tinggal berapa jam je lagi then back to routine.. Working..working..working.. Tak tahu nak cakap sebab because Wednesday is freakin day for me. Damn it.. Well actually 2 month ago I watched Turning 30 movie. I suggest those lady yg still single and will turning 30 this year please watch this movie.. Weehooo.... It's a good movie which indirectly educated individual to accept the reality. Life must go on no matter how hard it is.. Hello girl.. Come on.. Wake up... I love to listen this song: WILL YOU MARRY ME but unfortunately xde subtitle.. Kalau nk tgk apa makna lagu ni go to Youtube and watch full movie TURNING 30.. Rasa berbunga hati dgr lagu ni.

I will turning 24 year this coming December.. My December :) and will Turning 25 next year.. What?? I cant believe it.. Aku da set in my mind which mesti kahwin bile da umur 25.. But I wonder now, boleh capai ke tak. So far semua matlamat hidup aku yang aku setkan dapat dicapai mengikut masa yang ditetapkan. Alhamdulillah.. But how about MARRIAGE?

P/S: Thinking of it make me so DEPRESSED..
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