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August Beauty Favourites


Just a quick post about my current beauty favourites. I'm so happy that August is
over. Yes. It's over. Feel kinda demotivated last month. Sighing... Mentally, emotionally exhausted and physically affected..

My fav of the month.

1) UD Naked 3 Pallette
2) Ever Bilena Liquid Eyeliner
3) Pixy Radiant Finish Spotcare Beauty
4) High Beam by Benefit
5) Palmer Cocoa Butter Lip
6) Rose Honey Blusher (not sure bout the brand cuz bought this at AU2 Beauty Shop- pick and pay)
7) Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil
8) Obuse Lipt Tint
9) Triple Stemcell (my second bottle)
10) Gel Eyeliner
11) NYX Lip Cream

My first entry of September.. Yeay.. Welcoming September with lotsa love.

P/S: Saje nak up entri kot omputih. Smize..

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1 Comment for "August Beauty Favourites"

sejak pregnant ni, memang lama tak make up...tapi naked eyeshadow memang best..

Terima kasih kerana sudi meninggalkan komen. Komen kalian akan ditapis agar tidak wujud sebarang kekeliruan terhadap entri yang telah disiarkan

Terima kasih tinggal komen kat sini. :)

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