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Westilfe Concert in October

Salam everyone!!!

Westlife will come in to Malaysia these coming October!!!!!!!!!!

OMG.. I like this group very much.. They remind me my school life. Anyway I know these news on July 2011 but I have no time to update my blog regarding these matter. I'm so excited and tonight I check my draft then I saw this entry. Well.. I have to publish a.s.a.p. At first I thought I wanna go for their concert but sadly I wont spent my money for these things. I need to stabilize my financial at the moments. Ok guys.. let's read the new from NST about them...

KUALA LUMPUR: Westlife will be coming to Malaysia for a concert at The Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil on October 7.
The concert is part of the group’s Gravity Tour 2011, organised by JS Concerts in association with Midas Promotions with official hotel Hilton KL and official label Sony Music. The official radio stations are the event are Lite fm, Mix fm and Sinar fm.

Tickets can be purchased online at and
Tickets can also be purchased at the following outlets; Victoria Music; Guitar Store and Rock Corner outlets and is priced @ RM355, RM255,RM155, RM95.

For enquiries call WESTLIFE Hotline :+603-78807999(Ticketpro)/ +603 - 8775 4666 (AirAsiaRedTix)

Source: NST Online.

Westlife really makes me crazy during my school time. I buy original vcd,cd and casette and I have their book songs. From their songs I improve my english language. I know them since form 1 and until now I still like them. Mark, Shane, Kian, Nicky and Bryan. I wonder whether Bryan will join this Gravity Tours.

P/S: Broken English is better than know nothing about English Language *rationalization*
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