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Stand On Your Own Feet

Salam Semua..

Stand On Your Own Feet aka Independent..
Since primary school I "cut and paste" these words from people around me and put in my life. Everyone have their own definition and point of view of "independent". Looking back at my previous life make me become stronger today. Yes.. I can feel it rite now. Independent. It's a big word with 11 letters which means something to me. Emm... No matter how much networking in your life that u had, u still have to be independent and no matter how hard it is remember that Allah alwiz with you. Alhamdulillah, I'm so happy today even recently my life is like a "war" and I manage it wisely. No more thinking of it rite now because it means nothing to me but i learned something from it and become more cautious with peeps around me. Yeah... Conscientious people will act like me. Have a trait of obsessive compulsive with people and rules follower. Proud to be "J" person. Talking about responsibility, I admit that I become more responsible than before. Woww.. I just knew that this is so called "responsible".

P/S: Have to be strong even I'm weak emotionally. =) 
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